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Case Studies

rise heats up

rise has recently delivered a project under the Federal Governments Entrepreneurship Program - Business Growth. Working hand in hand with the company, rise delivered plans that incorporated Marketing and Export, Diversification, Lean Manufacturing and a Strategic and Succession plan. rise has also assisted with the implementation of a number of additional recommendations to further enhance the business.


rise explores the aged care industry


With changes to the home care packages effective February 27, 2017, rise explored the value proposition of an aged care provider. rise conducted face to face interviews as well as phone interviews with staff, carers and patients to determine the value proposition and marketing needs of the organisation. This market research clearly identified the needs of the organisation and rise was able to put forward a number of recommendations to address these needs.


rise consolidates retail group

rise has been working with the fashion group of Port Fairy for five years. Working as a collective has enabled the group to market themselves in a far more efficient and effective manner. This unique collection of fashion stores has caught the eye of Melbourne City Council, Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism and many other small collectives who are looking for alternate ways to promote themselves. The collective uses tradional marketing techniques as well as embracing the marketing channels of social media. Ross is more than happy to explore other opportunities of collaboration.


rise continues to deliver results

rise has recently completed a manufacturing company project that incorporated workforce development, efficiency management and a marketing action plan.  rise continues to work with the business to further refine their systems and processes to maximise the business returns.


The owner was delighted with the selling price obtained

A tourism business wanted to maximize its return on investment prior to selling. Through a managed process and working with the owners, productivity was increased, thus making the business more attractive to buyers. The owners were delighted with the selling price obtained.


After three years, turnover doubled

An aquaculture company needed to expand. The owner of the business was approaching 60, still involved in heavy manual labour, and did not know how to go about changing his role in the business. After researching the industry, it became apparent that to reduce the reliance on manual labour the business needed to both grow and become more automated. Ross Morey put together a business plan that included expansion, the need for further capitalisation, and the development of ongoing programs.

After three years, the turnover doubled! It is expected to double again in the short-term. With significant investment in machinery, the need for manual labour is significantly down and the owner has an improved lifestyle. 


The Tourism Association was losing members 

A local Tourism Association was losing members and was in danger of losing critical mass. After preliminary discussion and detailed research a new Association was re-launched. Ross Morey led a reinvigorated organisation, including the executive, and the association was able to grow to new levels. Key outcomes included the introduction of new revenue streams enabling fees to remain stable whilst increasing the marketing and customer service initiatives.


Commercialisation of new product

A company needed to commercialise their new product. Ross Morey led a process that resulted in re-branding, concise operations and marketing processes. The company is now manufacturing to order and will soon achieve its financial objective. Negotiations have commenced to sell the IP into the USA.


Legislative compliance and improved work policies

The Fair Work Act has required many businesses to review their current HR policies to ensure they are operating within the bounds of legislation. We were able to conduct a thorough review of the manufacturing business' HR practices, identify areas of concern, and put together a series of recommendations for the business to implement. These recommendations not only ensure legislative compliance but a more competitive future for the business.


The future is secure

A retail company needed to train its employees and have a better connection with the community. We had each of the staff members complete Personality Testing to recognise why they behave as they do, and then set about introducing individual sales techniques to capitalise on their profiles and address any shortcomings.


Community perceptions also presented a challenge. We set out by conducting extensive community consultation using both quantitative and qualitative research techniques to identify the major areas of concern. As a result we were able to implement a number of changes in the business to address those concerns.  The end result was a better return for the business.