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Complementary skills deliver results!

Ross and Anne have recently completed a program for a manufacturing company that incorporated workforce development, efficiency management and a marketing action plan. rise continues to work with the business to further refine their systems and processes to maximise the business returns.


Rise Advisors steps into retail!

rise has been commissioned to conduct a 2012 winter marketing campaign for the Port Fairy fashion traders. This is the first time the fashion traders have worked as a group and will no doubt produce some interesting challenges! The campaign will be very targeted and focused on the Western Region of Victoria.

Rise Advisors to Coordinate Port Fairy Winter Weekends

Ross will be coordinating the Port Fairy Winter Weekends program for 2012. Ross is looking forward to working with the local community on this program and building upon the foundation laid down by the previous Committee. Ross intends utilising his many contacts to develop the program further, and intends to take the event to the stage where it is recognised as one of the regional iconic events.

rise Advisors part of Businesss Victoria's Small Business Festival August, 2011

rise conducted workshops as part of Business Victoria's Small Business Festival. These workshops were designed to be interactive and provide the skills necessary to fast forward your business.
Topics included:
  • Analysis Tools (SWOT, PEST, and Goal Grid)
  • Marketing Tools (Blue Ocean Strategy)
  • Thinking Tools (Mind Mapping, 6 Hats).


This is what our clients had to say:

'Interesting with great potential application' - BJT Legal'I feel what was covered today was really beneficial and will be used in different parts of our business' - MEGT'


Great info and speakers' - MEGT


For further information on these sesions or other training needs, please contact us direct on


Rise Advisors at Energise EnterpRise in August, 2010

Rise Advisors presented a successful session as part of B31 in Ballarat. The session was:
Innovate or Perish: What SMEs should know now!
The practical and important two hour session ensured the attendees learnt practical strategies and had positive, practical take aways to implement immediately in their businesses.
Synopsis:  What SMEs should know now - to keep doing what you've done before is no longer an option.
Innovation is not just creating a "better widget", we focus on overall business innovation - processes, services, people, efficiencies, products. Innovation is moving from problem to solution.
To find out more about this session, or to attend one of our regular business workshops, please use the form on Contact Us