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Our Services

rise offers a variety of business services designed to enhance the performance of your business.


Our solutions are practical, tailored and flexible - we apply the disciplines of corporate practices to your business regardless of size. 


We can help you on your journey to business success. Our services include:


It is not just about knowing where you are going and how you are going to get there, but an important consideration is to reflect upon how your long term goals will meet the needs of the organisation and your own personal goals.


Sales & Marketing

Getting your product or service right is essential to business success in a competitive environment! What is your value proposition and how will you tell potential and existing customers about it? When did you last conduct market research to determine market shifts or product lifecycles? Do you have the right sales process for your product? rise can help evaluate and put forward recommendations for you to consider, and then enable the implementation of any agreed actions.



Do you have an independent sounding board to bounce ideas off and progress your business? Mentoring can help you reach the decisions necessary to achieve your goals. It can enable you to effectively evaluate what you do in your business - it is about getting the best from yourself! A mentor can provide the support, encouragement and experience for you to develop specific skills that can help you to realise the potential your business has. rise can provide that professional relationship to enable a supportive sounding board to improve you and your business.


Tourism & Event Management

Do you need assistance in developing your tourism product or event? rise is well qualified to help you bring your dream to life. rise can help you from the initial developmental stages, through to implementation of the steps required to achieve your goal. No event is too big or too small - an experienced addition to your team can ensure your dream is realised. 



How do you meet the expectations of others? People management is about building and sustaining relationships between you, your staff, clients and suppliers. People management is critical to every business. rise can help identify the traits that can influence the development of effective relationships.



Many people dismiss governance as something the 'legal' department deals with! However, every business is required to ensure business processes and regulatory compliance (eg. OHS, Quality, Environmental, etc) are met. rise has the necessary skills and contacts throughout various industries to ensure you are meeting your legal obligations.



What is a process? A process is a series of steps and decisions involved in the completion of a task. Efficient processes can make an enormous difference to the success of a business, and to the amount of time a business operator has to achieve work-life balance. rise can help in evaluating your processes to ensure you are maximising your efficiency and effectiveness.


Additional services available
rise has access to a wide range of associates that can also help you with Export, Grants, Logistics and Finance.